401k Plans with 500k or Larger Assets

The Cost Effective Solution

Fee and Service Flexibility
The RETIREADY401k program is a collaboration of over 100 years of combined thought leadership and industry expertise, coming together to take care of your plan administration and to ensure your plan remains in good standing. Sought separately outside of a payroll relationship with ECCA, the cost to engage these service providers could be a barrier to small businesses who desire this level of administrative support and fiduciary protections for their plan.

The RETIREADY401k program combines in a single offering:

  • Fiduciary Plan Administrator
  • Fiduciary Investment Manager
  • Plan Provider/Recordkeeper & TPA
  • Custodian & Trading Platform

Efficient Pricing
The RETIREADY401k pricing structure is based on the operational efficiencies created by automating the resources of all participating service providers. As well, by integrating a Fiduciary Investment Manager, the issues of expensive share classes or limited or proprietary investment options that smaller plans typically experience when implementing a retirement plan - are eliminated. You get best practices, at the best price.

By choosing RETIREADY401k, you and your employees enjoy the benefit of “big plan pricing and service,” which includes:

  • Fiduciary investment management
  • Professionally managed model portfolios
  • Lowest-cost share classes
  • Open architecture investment menu
  • No wrap-fees or hidden charges
  • No surrender charges
  • Fiduciary plan administration
  • Participant investment education
  • Full-service participant and sponsor websites

We’ll Be Your ERISA Benefits Staff

Employees expect that their employer will provide an easy and convenient way for them to prepare for retirement. But sponsoring a retirement savings plan can be a burden as well as a potential liability.

Leave the Work to Us
RETIREADY401k makes it EASY FOR YOU by taking care of plan administration.

  • Calculate and remit all employee deferrals and employer contributions
  • Identify newly eligible employees and provide enrollment kits
  • Process new enrollments and deferral changes
  • Perform all required annual compliance testing and government filing
  • Distribute all required notices, including the Summary Plan Description
  • Prepare and submit annual census file for annual testing
  • Process all employee distribution and loan requests

Watching Your Back
RETIREADY401k assists with the FIDUCIARY DUTIES that come with sponsoring a qualified retirement savings plan.

Your Fiduciary Plan Administrator, Roland|Criss, will:

  • Engage and monitor service providers necessary to service your plan
  • Sign and maintain all plan documents (adoption agreement, plan and trust, etc.)
  • Review and authorize annual census file for annual testing
  • Review and sign the required plan Form 5500 filings
  • Approve all employee distribution and loan requests
  • Follow and adapt to all required regulatory changes
  • Monitor all governing plan policies such as investment, loan, fees, etc.
  • Ensure the plan adheres to fee reasonableness standards (ERISA section 408(b)(2))

Your Fiduciary Investment Manager, Alexandria Capital, will:

  • Select, monitor and modify all plan investment options
  • Design asset allocation models to allow participants to easily diversify

The Right Investment Menu with Built-In
Fiduciary Protection

RETIREADY401k puts investment selection and monitoring squarely in the hands of the professionals. Alexandria Capital acts as the Fiduciary Investment Manager to each and every RETIREADY401k plan, bearing the fiduciary responsibility for selection, monitoring, and modification of the plan investment menu, removing employers from a role for which they are not typically trained.

BlueStar as the RETIREADY401k plan provider and recordkeeper, offers an OPEN ARCHITECTURE PLATFORM as provided by TD Ameritrade Trust Company which provides access to a virtually unlimited selection of investment options from hundreds of different mutual fund families and investment managers, free from any proprietary fund requirements. This also allows RETIREADY401k to utilize the absolute lowest-cost share classes available. In addition, any revenue sharing payments that are generated by plan investments are retained in the plan to offset plan or participant expenses. This revenue sharing neutrality eliminates potential provider restrictions on share class selection or investment option usage.

What does this mean for you? FREEDOM. When designing or modifying the plan’s investment menu, your Fiduciary Investment Manager will craft the investment menu that maximizes the return for you and your employees and integrates the fiduciary protections you need as the sponsoring employer.

Demonstration Websites

The participant and plan sponsor websites empower both sponsors and participants by providing easy access to account information. See how easy it will be for you to access information on your company’s plan and for your employees to manage their account by logging into the demonstration websites!

Employer Plan Access:

  • Website: www.myplanconnection.com
  • Click “Sponsor”
  • Userid: sponsor
  • Password: sponsor

Participant Plan Access:

  • Website: www.myplanconnection.com
  • Userid: 333344444
  • Password: 4444
  • Click “Login”