Automated HR Verification System

HR Verifications

Why spend your time verifying employment or having another company verify a new hire's employment with you? Why open your company up to that liability? Outsource this function with Benefit Provider's alliance partner: Single Source. Learn more. 

BACKGROUND SCREENING to prevent the hiring of anyone
that might result in a negligent hiring situation, and to ensure
that the applicant has the history claimed, and the skill sets needed
for the position. Includes criminal histories, employment verification
and references, driving history and more.

  • RESIDENCE TRACE a search on the SSN, provides DOB, AKA’s, and cities and states of past residence so that
  • CRIMINAL RECORD CHECKS in the counties or states of residence may be conducted.
  • DISCOVERY makes a search of the name and DOB against a database made up of criminal records secured from many states, counties, and departments of correction and violent and sex offender registers of all states, DC, Guam & Puerto Rico, as well as US and foreign government excluded persons and watch lists.employmentverify.jpg
  • DRIVING RECORDS are essential if the applicant will drive for the employer or in the course of employment. DOT and some states require a special form.
  • EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION to make sure the applicant held the position claimed and that the reason for leaving was as stated in the application or a full
  • EMPLOYMENT REFERENCE when contact is made with the named employer to obtain further information related to the subject’s honesty, energy, timeliness, reliability and more. Custom questions may be added.
  • EDUCATION VERIFICATION to verify that this subject holds the degree or diploma that he/she claims and that it is issued by a valid institution and not Diploma Mill.
  • PROFESSIONAL LICENSES to ensure the applicant’s license is current and valid.
  • CREDIT HISTORY (for employment purposes only) to ascertain the fiscal responsibility of the applicant as it relates to the position’s financial responsibilities.
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE DRUG SCREENING to detect the presence of illegal drugs. We offer traditional lab collections for pre-employment, with cause, random, post accident, DOT, and where allowed give you the option of Instant Saliva or Urine Tests. Random Number generation is provided free of charge for Drug Screening Clients.

DRUG TESTING for illegal substance use to prevent the hiring and introduction into the workplace of an unreliable, often unpredictable and sometimes dangerous applicant. On going testing during employment post accident, with cause and random programs. Special DOT programs including employment verifications and free of charge random program management.