HR Information Storage System

With ECCA’s payroll system, ReadyPay, you not only get an exceptionally fast, consistently accurate payroll system, but you also get built in HR Functionality. You get an HRIS management solution that streamlines administrative tasks, improves communication, reduces costs, and provides instant reports and analysis. ECCA’s comprehensive system gives you total control over your payroll and human resource information with easy-to-read reports and detailed information on your desktop.

ECCA’s Human Resources System augments the standard payroll database with powerful, flexible, and user-friendly fully-integrated personnel information tracking. Everything you currently track in a spreadsheet or in a file can now be tracked with ECCA’s Human Resources Module. 

Key Human Resource Functions Include:
•    Employee data history tracking and change log
•    Employee notifications and alerts
•    Pay grades and steps
•    Employee warnings, disciplinary actions and grievances
•    Employee training and license tracking
•    OSHA Illness and injury tracking and reporting
•    Advanced reporting and query capabilities
•    Document, form and file management
•    Expiration and renewal alerts
•    Comprehensive employee demographics 
•    Advanced database capability with user defined fields, tables and tabs
•    FMLA and leave of absence tracking
•    Employee reviews and performance
•    Extensive standard and custom reporting
•    Company issued equipment and assets
•    EEO Reporting
•    I-9 VerificationPayhistory.jpg 
•    Employee insurance and benefit tracking
•    Employee emergency contacts
•    Event Tracking
•    Skill Tracking
•    Position and Job Titles
•    Salary History
•    Previous employment and education

Click here to download a pdf containing ReadyPay Payroll information and the HRIS information