Fingerprint Reader | Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric  Time Clock

Benefit Providers in conjunction with You Punch It's selection of Biometric Time Clocks employ award-winning fingerprint scanning components that accurately and quickly log employee time records. You won't find better quality time clock hardware available with features designed to save your company money and manpower correcting payroll errors.

  • Convenience - Wall-mount and handheld devices can be installed anywhere for simple access.
  • Accuracy - Acquired real-time employee reports for concise payroll records.
  • Stability - Guaranteed hardware and components help eliminate time clock fraud.
  • User-Friendly - Easy to install, easy to use, and workflow is uninterrupted.

Our Fingerprint Scan Technology allows for accuracy every time your workers report for the day. Every scan is recorded through our Internet-based software, which allows you to pull real-time reports on employee activity.