Employment Verification

Save the cost of your employee's time
Reduce your liability
Earn money...

In February 2011, SHRM Magazine stated that the average length of time to completeSave time and money with employment verification two reference checks was now at 76 minutes.  If that sounds like at least 70 minutes too long for you, Benefit Providers, LLC in conjunction with SingleSource Services offers a solution.

The call to verify employment comes in the to switchboard.  The call gets routed to Human Resources or payroll.  The person answering the call, if that happens, has to stop what they are doing, find the record, answer the questions, and returns to work.  This now becomes a 5-10 minute time allocation that was not planned.  How many 5-10 minute snipets of time does your staff have?

At a hospital in Louisiana that implemented this system, they calculated time savings at 30 hours per month just within the HR department.

This service is offered at a reduced rate to your company.  By allowing SingleSource to provide answers to those requests electronically, you have successfully made these positive changes to your organization:

Turn this costly nuisance into protection and 
income today! 

  • Saved time of everyone involved in the verification process
  • Limited liability as now the verifier is reviewing a form online instead of talking to a person who could add voice inflections and additional comments beyond company policy.
  • You will be paid for each verification.  $5 if used as a stand alone and $10 if use also use another service such as background screening.
  • All government agencies are not charged and will be provided the same data.
  • The data shown would be customized to each company, allowing each company to follow their own policies.

Employment Verification
SingleSource charges $20 for a company to create an account, to login and search for that employee’s data.  SingleSource then revenue shares back with you, the organization providing the data that the verifying organization wants.  

If this is through an association, for all members using the service, it would be at a reduced rate.  There would be reduced rate reciprocal use among members.  Those members would still be paid the $5/$10 for companies that call in and pay, such as a bank, credit union, car dealer or landlord.  

Each company would have the option to give the power to the employees to turn off or on the view of their salary.  So if the employee is trying to get a job down the street, they may not want the salary to be visible.  If they are trying to refinance a house, they would want it visible.  They would control that.

Currently 60-65% of requests are coming from lending institutions.

Recently a large employer with over 10,000 employees and a major university with over 10,000 employees were contacted to see if they wanted to sign up for this reduced rate service.  The reason they were approached was because there was a 5-day turnaround for verifications.  Is this acceptable if you or one of your employee’s are trying to buy a car, refinance a house or get a new job?

Be nice to your employees and your pocketbook.  www.HRVerifications.com is the easiest  decision you will make all week.