Benefit Providers and ECCA Payroll provides a diverse range of payroll products and payroll services for companies of all sizes — with built in HR functionality. With our Web-based payroll, human resource module, and tax filing services, you can save your company time and money.

Tax Credits

Tax Credit
TaxBreak and Benefit Providers have teamed up to help recover hundreds of millions of dollars for companies using tax credits. This allows for money to be put back into companies bottom line. We relieve internal resources and help drive bottom line growth through the identification of tax credit opportunities you may not even be aware.


Now, with Benefit Providers’ Multiple Employer 401K Trust (MET), companies of any size can offer their employees the simplest and most cost-effective retirement savings plan available.

**If you're paying more than $890.00 per year for plan administration, you should consider our Multiple Employer Trust!



Corporate sponsored Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), can help you save for retirement and manage taxes wisely. Whether you are looking for an individual retirement account invested in certificates of deposit, money market funds, or mutual funds.


Benefit Admin
Benefit Providers can manage your employee benefit programs allowing you to offer more options to your employees, while saving you time, money and decreasing the probability of human error. Our benefit administration program can be integrated in to your Payroll and/or HR administration, or done alone.


Time Recording
Benefit Providers in Partnership with offers a comprehensive Internet based tool to help streamline the entire time and attendance process for you and your employers. Our Internet time based system allows you to manage your employees more effectively, reducing overtime costs, and increasing both flexibility and accountability.


HR Services
HR solutions program provides access to resources and advice designed to help you successfully navigate through today’s increasingly complex and ever changing legal, tax and policy regulations. This Human Resource functionality is crucial in helping you remain compliant with the law, running a successful business, cutting costs and improving productivity and your bottom line.


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